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To continue with the working abroad feature, my next profile is one from my soon to be sister in law, Tania. Tania, is passionate about and is motivated to focus her energy on professional development and continued learning currently taking her career to the next level pursing her study at Uni. Before this, Tania packed up her bags and took that massive leap overseas to further develop her skills and experience life on the other side of the world. What an incredible story to she has to tell, living in completely different surroundings and building on her experience, to what she is today.

Tania McRae, Nanny, Aberdeen Scotland

Brief description of your role overseas:
I was a nanny to 3 children who were 3, 1 & 6 months old when I started. The parents were both working parents as doctors who worked long hours. I nannied for this family for 3 years 

So… what do/did you actually do?

On a Monday I would start at 8am. When I would arrive the children would be finishing of breakfast. Parents would rush out the door usually with their coffee in hand. I would then get the three children ready to leave the house for school at 8.30. This was quite a challenge to get them all ready in half an hour with dressing them, as 9 months of the year are freezing so I would rug them up with several layers and wellie boots before we left the house. Arrive at school around 8:45 take all children out the car the youngest in a pram and walk the oldest to her classroom. It was then a rush back to the car and drive to playgroup to get the middle child their by 9. Once he was dropped of it was back in the car for the youngest and home. Home by 9.30 undress the baby and settle her in with a bottle and a morning nap. 10.00 clean up from breakfast and morning rush as well as doing any household chores such as hanging out washing, cleaning up toy room and the children’s bedrooms making beds and putting out pj’s ready for the night.   11.30 get the baby up and ready to go pick up the middle child from playgroup at 11.45. 12.00 lunch time (prepare lunch for the two children) 12.30 put baby down for afternoon nap 1.00 Clean up from lunch 1.30 Nap time for the middle child 1.45 Do the ironing 2.30 Get baby up and the two children ready for school pick up 3.00 Come home and breathe a sigh of relief that was the last car trip for the day. Peel the layers of clothing of all of the children, the oldest to be changed out of school uniform 3.15 give the children an afternoon snack 3.30 Play time with all of the children 4.30 Pack away any activities we played with 5.00 Prepare dinner 5.30 Dinner time and feed the baby 6.00 Clean up from dinner 6.15 Bath the children and get them ready for bed 6.30 Dad comes home which means home time for me

What made you decide to work overseas? Has this always been a passion of yours?
I decided that I wanted to move when I was working in a childcare center at Noarlunga and one of my work colleagues was telling me about her experience of working in Ireland and how much she loved it. This inspired me to want to pack up and leave Adelaide to see more of the world. It was a light bulb moment when I knew that I wanted to experience more than what working in childcare, I knew that I wasn’t ready to settle down and become the lady who had worked in the same childcare center for 25 years who had not been on an airplane and travelled the world.

What is your current role?
My current role is working part time as a qualified childcare worker at Goodstart Early Learning. I am also at Flinders University doing a double degree of a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Arts.

Have your found working overseas to help your career opportunities?
Absolutely! I found working overseas increased my experiences of working with children as well as in life. It made me grow up and realize the direction I needed to take for my career.

After working as a nanny I realized that I wanted to further my career and become a teacher.

What do/did you love about working overseas?
I loved the family that I worked for they were amazingly kind and accepted me as part of their family. They were so generous that they bought me a car to travel back and forth to their farmhouse because when I first started I was living in the city and I didn’t have a car. They taught me some really important family values that I will never forget.

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?
I have had so many ‘love this’ moments because working with children is rewarding every day with from their love and cuddles (when they put their arms out for you to pick them up and give them a cuddle). However I guess the one that stands was when I was a nanny and the baby first word was my name.

What would be the least favorite aspect of working overseas / challenges?
The hardest part was being away from my family and friends. I did feel lonely without them.
I would skype my mum every Sunday morning which usually ended up in tears.

Any advice for anyone aspiring to work overseas?
My advice is to jump on that plane right now and go and experience what the world has to offer. There is so much more to life! I appreciate what I have learnt overseas and what is important for my career and what I need to focus on.

What an incredible experience working as a nanny and having that close relationship with a family. Any questions or comments for Tania? Please join the conversation below..

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