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I believe that, if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

You are in the stage of your career where you are looking around at your desk asking yourself ‘what next’ – ‘what should my next move be’ – ‘how can I take that next step’. It may be that you are twiddling your thumbs and outgrown your position or eager to boost your profile. Or you are yet to dive into the working world and want to know the best possible way to get there. Studied for years and struggling with landing that first role.

I will boost you in the right direction. Feed you with information, guidance and confidence to jump up the ladder, apply for that ‘out-of-my-league’ position and build on your already existing strengths.

I will:
offer career advice
give you guidance in your journey
teach goal setting techniques and action planning
be honest and open
generally interested in helping you get to where you want to be
specifically tailor each program to suit you and what you want to achieve

I will not:
tell you what you should do with your life (I wish I knew)
textbook mentor – I mentor on my experiences, life lessons and tailor to what you need
life coach – this is not my area of expertise. I mentor in career direction, providing you with the tools to make the change you want to see

You will leave motivated, excited and confident. With tools on goal setting, personal branding, positioning yourself in the corporate world and taking that next step in YOUR right direction.


\\ Mentoring

You are at that stage of your career where you feel like you are ready to take it to the next level but not quite sure how. You are about to step into the corporate world and needing that extra boost to give you the motivation and confidence to really shine. You are eager, keen, motivated to give it your all. This package is designed to cater to your exact needs, to establish what it is you are striving for and steps you can put in place to make those dreams reality. The mentor program is based around you.

The 5 month program will consist of hour long monthly catch up meetings either online or in-person (depending on your location) with the initial month having 2 fortnightly meetings. This is to establish a working mentor relationship and to define key objectives.

Over the course of the program you we will define you objectives and goal, creating an action plan. Create networks and professional relationships. Understand the corporate environment and the steps you need to put your goals into practice.

After the 5 months of intense mentoring, you will leave feeling confident, with skills and techniques to move you in the your right direction. You will feel motivated and inspired by your career developments, with an achievable action plan and successful goal setting practice that you can use throughout your career. You will clearly understand your strengths and how to move your weaknesses into opportunities and build on them.

Please note: places are limited so I can focus my energy on the each and every one of you, please get in quick so you don’t miss out.

What mentees say…

Claire helped me take the giant leap from University to the real wold with practical advice from a person who has “been there”. She shared her own personal experiences and those of others without ever once talking down to me. In her I found more of a lifelong friend who just happens to give really good career advice.  Olga Grud

I was studying Business and Marketing – an area that I have a great passion and interest in. I wanted to grow and succeed in my career and investing in a mentoring program was one of the best decisions I have made so far. I say this because, Claire Colebeck, as my mentor had exceptional experience in the field and this was expressed in the way she mentored me. She was able to use her skills to help me be the very best I can be in my first marketing role. I have since used the skills gained during my mentoring program to excel at my role and continue to develop and grow in my career. Claire has especially helped me with time management and how to work to deadlines efficiently, which is extremely important in the business and marketing world. I would highly recommend a mentoring program, especially Claire’s guidance as it has contributed to my career in a very positive way.  Jessica Roberts

“Claire Colebeck is an experienced mentor and a genuinely beautiful person who is encouraging with practical, grounded advice. She has the perfect balance of being able to really understand your priorities, and where you are at in your life, and gently (but firmly) push you to take the next steps that are right for you. I have been working with Claire for about 6 months and she has helped me to get clarity and direction, and to increase my confidence. She has also worked with me on building my networks, so I can to take it to the next level. I highly recommend that you book a session with Claire today.” Kristen Davenport

Cost: $290.00 | Contact


\\ Quick Win

You need some advice, struggling to understand what it is your next move may be? This package is designed to help you identify your key elements that you need to make that next move with an hour online or in-person session to give you the motivation and energy to kick start. You will leave with a simple yet productive action plan to make it happen resulting in a Quick Win and BIG tick off the list.

Cost: $60.00 | Contact


\\ Taking that next step

I am excited you are here and would love to understand what you dreams and goals are… contact me at to discuss your options further.