vision board

Have a vision? Dreams? Goals? Ambitions?

Create a vision board. Fill it with quotes, images and colours. Take some time out to get creative.

All your dreams and ambitions in the one space – this will help you gain clarity on your direction and ultimately what it is you want to do. And its FUN.

Use it to keep you focused and a daily reminder that you are doing what you are doing to make sure you get achieve your vision. Display it somewhere you see every day. Back of the bathroom door, fridge, back door. This is a positive reinforcement. Start each day with a positive attitude and energy and keep attention on your dreams.

Do it online or the old fashioned way and cut out images from magazines and stick them on a pin up board or big piece of cardboard. AND ENJOY.

Vision boards are a great way to map out everything that is inside your head – get it out on paper in a colourful, cool style. Map out your dreams and desires and be loud and proud about it. Your direction, clarity and ability to stick to your prize will come to life with this simple, rewarding project. Downtime at your finest.

Tips for creating a vision board… ask yourself…
1.  What is my dream job?
2. Can you visualise yourself travelling
3. What are your health and wellness goals – getting to the next level in yoga
4. Study and education dreams
5. Money – setting a goal to purchase your dream home
6. What are your wildest dreams…?
7. How do you feel…?
8. Who are your mentors…?

Have you put together a vision board? Did it work for you?

Image found on the wellness warrior blog.

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