pressure to impress

Without beating around the bush. My first job out of uni has proven to be one of the most challengeable. It was hard work, an eye opener, strict deadlines and enormous pressure (especially for a 21 year old). Without having an office job previously, I was none the wiser. I now see this as a… Read More

a goal a week – week 3

I must admit, this goal setting challenge is really working well for me. I feel energised and motivated. And once I have ticked that task off the list, I feel like I have accomplished something. Both pleasing and motivating at the same time. Excited to see my goals all set up for the week to come… Read More


what’s in a title?

After having a conversation with one of my work colleagues from a previous position about how her role has evolved over time and due to changes out of her control (company merge), her job title has changed making it look as though she is in a lower position than previously and it doesn’t reflect what… Read More