the personal brand project

SHARING A WIN But first, a bit of background. This post demonstrates how a little idea can grow and develop and build and become something real. With a little bit of elbow grease, determination and passion, anything is possible. The story starts when Sarah Poppy and I spent a few years working together and both chaired the Australian Marketing Institute Emerging Marketers… Read More


personal branding, the WHY

As I continue to chat about personal branding. I felt I needed to dive a little further into the WHY. Why is personal branding so dam important? Why do you make such a fuss over something that seems and looks so corporate? Why is it relevant to me? When I was embarking into the corporate… Read More


personal brand… personal what?

Personally, personal branding is an area I feel very strongly about. Everyone has a personal brand. It is how others see and identify you. What you can do that most people don’t release, is you can steer it in the direction you want. A strong personal brand enables you to make the most of what… Read More