downtime online reading

Welcome to the long weekend. Time to switch off, relax and catch up with some good old downtime. What better way then to indulge in some fun-loving group-hugging cheerleading feel-good blogs. While I have delved into this space quite rapidly, I have been following, loving, indulging in blogs for a long time now. Grab yourself… Read More


vision board

Have a vision? Dreams? Goals? Ambitions? Create a vision board. Fill it with quotes, images and colours. Take some time out to get creative. All your dreams and ambitions in the one space – this will help you gain clarity on your direction and ultimately what it is you want to do. And its FUN…. Read More


introducing downtime

I thought it was about time to really introduce myself. To let you know why I am here and what we can achieve. This space is. Like I comment here. A place where we can explore careers, give insight to your career, and ultimately it is delving into the wonderful world of careers. To share… Read More