career profile | photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole through the Bright- Eyed and Blog-Hearted e-course. I was so blown away by her ambition and courage to move from a fulltime position into her passion filled love of photography and taking on her own business. Nicole Cordeiro | Photographer, Nicole Cordeiro Photography Brief description of your role:… Read More

Claire Colebeck Presenting

perception is reality

Fist impressions count… Perception is reality – this is established in the first few minutes! After attending a networking event last Thursday evening hosted by The Australian Marketing Institute, Emerging Marketers, I learnt all about body language, personality, confidence and communication by Media Icon, Cherylee Harris and all about your first impressions and how you… Read More


career profile | teacher

Introducing the best teacher (in my eyes), and my beloved fiancé (hence why he is the best teacher… wink wink).  Although he will never admit it, he is the science nerd, loves the weird ‘did you knows’ and the crazy facts (he even has an app for all the weird ‘did you knows’) and will… Read More


keep calm and be productive

Procrastination – it is not something that you leave behind when graduating. Yep… there are jobs and tasks that you tend to find yourself hitting that procrastination button several times or do everything else on your task list and leave that in the ‘too hard basket’. Some quick simple tips that have helped me ‘tick… Read More


the devil wears prada

I got called into my managers office one morning – I rolled in, big smiles and enthusiastic, sat down – he looks at me and said ‘have you seen the movie The Devil Wears Prada’ I reply shaking my head, and he comments ‘Never walk into my office again without a note pad’ – I… Read More