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Coming into the festive season with summer holidays, travel and celebrations at the front of everyone’s mind, I thought what a better way to finish up 2014 career profile Wednesday share with a series on working abroad. It is something I have never experienced but has always been on my mind… and I deeply admire those who have made… Read More


career profile | chiropractor

After years of study and dedication, Dr. Catherine Langford is a successful Chiropractor who specialises in pediatrics and pregnancy. Catherine not only looks at the physical elements but all aspects of health including diet and nutrition. Catherine has a strong focus on providing information that empowers families to live a life of complete health and… Read More


career profile | global communications manager

For working in a fast paced, exciting and global role, Camilla’s energy and dedication is just the icing on the cake. With a knack for organisation, multi-tasking and priding herself on being a slight perfectionist, Camilla is passionate about communications. Camilla Goodwin, Global Communications Manager, Accolade Wines Brief description of your role: I work with the Executive… Read More


career profile | innovation manager

Innovation Manager, isn’t that a cool title… for an example of seeing an opportunity and jumping on it – Daniel fits the bill. After suggesting a position the company needed, proposing it to management, he was awarded the role. Daniels eye for the big picture, innovation and business knack sees him strive and succeed in his role –… Read More


career profile | business owner

A perfect example of taking that MASSIVE step from pottering along in a career in the corporate world to owning your own business, working with people you love and enjoying every minute. Brooke glows with joy every time she talks about her business, the dedication, support and inspiration she represents is so transparent. For anyone… Read More


career profile | dietitian

I find this role and line of work to be super interesting, it is a area that I am always eager to hear more about and an area I wish I did when looking at the big fat Uni book deciding my future. Emma oozes knowledge and I don’t think there is anything wrong with me saying that this is… Read More


career profile | editor

When I started strolling through careers and people I would like to feature – Jodi was at the top of the list. Finding the ins and outs of Editor in Chief of the stylish, funky, in trend SA Style Magazine was intriguing and her words will find you captivated. Jodi is not only an editor, she is… Read More