personal brand… personal what?

Personally, personal branding is an area I feel very strongly about. Everyone has a personal brand. It is how others see and identify you. What you can do that most people don’t release, is you can steer it in the direction you want. A strong personal brand enables you to make the most of what… Read More


career profile | business owner

A perfect example of taking that MASSIVE step from pottering along in a career in the corporate world to owning your own business, working with people you love and enjoying every minute. Brooke glows with joy every time she talks about her business, the dedication, support and inspiration she represents is so transparent. For anyone… Read More


pressure to impress

Without beating around the bush. My first job out of uni has proven to be one of the most challengeable. It was hard work, an eye opener, strict deadlines and enormous pressure (especially for a 21 year old). Without having an office job previously, I was none the wiser. I now see this as a… Read More


career profile | editor

When I started strolling through careers and people I would like to feature – Jodi was at the top of the list. Finding the ins and outs of Editor in Chief of the stylish, funky, in trend SA Style Magazine was intriguing and her words will find you captivated. Jodi is not only an editor, she is… Read More


what’s in a title?

After having a conversation with one of my work colleagues from a previous position about how her role has evolved over time and due to changes out of her control (company merge), her job title has changed making it look as though she is in a lower position than previously and it doesn’t reflect what… Read More


career profile | marketing & communications strategist

Aussie born, English bred shoe addict with a passion for Public Relations and Communications. Jenna has a background in Performing Arts, PR and Communications, and is currently work as an internal Marketing and Communications Strategist for Australian Technology company, WorldSmart. She operates her own freelance consulting firm, JW Communications and has a number of private… Read More


the day my confidence hit ground bottom

I participated in a blog series where we were asked to share an experience of when your confidence was shot down by the beautiful Kate Toholka. Kate provided a serious on ‘raw, honest and blazing with confidence’ and how women have not just had a blow to their confidence but worked through to over come it. As I am… Read More

Ellie Hodgers

career profile | consellor

Ellie has been working in the Community Services Sector for 15 years. She currently works as a Counsellor for a large Non-Government Organisation in Adelaide three days per week and works in her own practice at other times. Ellie has particular experience and passion for supporting women, the young and less young, to (re)claim their… Read More