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Leah is a purpose-filled writer, human rights activist, coach for budding wordsmiths and yoga teacher, driven to cultivate change through our stories. She writes to ignite meaningful connection, to arouse curiosity, to push boundaries, and to create change. She is fuelled by a desire to create ideas and build visions to make this world a better place…. Read More


downtime online reading

Grab that cuppa, throw that rug over your legs, and set yourself up nicely for some healthy downtime online reading. I have been all inspired by my South Australian peeps lately and how they are creating a world of love for all walks of life – so there is something here for everyone… As wedding season… Read More


how did i get here?

My love of blogs goes back around 3 years; I trolled across ‘A Beautiful Mess’ and instantly I was hooked. I then fell in love with ‘One Claire Day’ which took me around the world to many, many inspiring people, blogs, careers and ideas. The magical thing about blogs is they take you to many more wonderful bloggy… Read More


downtime online reading

Welcome to the long weekend. Time to switch off, relax and catch up with some good old downtime. What better way then to indulge in some fun-loving group-hugging cheerleading feel-good blogs. While I have delved into this space quite rapidly, I have been following, loving, indulging in blogs for a long time now. Grab yourself… Read More