a goal a week – week 5

Before I get too ahead of myself. I must be honest with you. This week has been a little harder than I expected to get through my task list. I had the feelings of ‘oh shit, can I keep this up?’ ‘Can I complete everything I need to before December’ ‘I only have 7 working… Read More

a goal a week | week 4

And we are 4 weeks in already. We are well on our way to December with this month coming to an end, I am getting a little anxious about what is to come in the next couple of months. My mind does feel at ease and I am slowly plugging away at my weekly goals… Read More

a goal a week – week 2

I am pleased to report that week 1 of my goal setting exercise went really well. With positive feedback and comments about my 12 week challenge – I felt even more inspired. I successfully completed all goals on my list This week goal is very home related. As you can imagine, making room for a… Read More