shaping ourselves

After reading this quote I started thinking about how we ACTUALLY do have this idea about who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. I went through high school and uni with this image about how my life would look and what would make up the ‘perfect’ life and all my ducks needed to be in a row for me to be happy.

It is incredible how a quote can really hit the nail on the head.

I started writing to share my experiences, give advice and willingness help other find their path in their career – feed off my energy to be successful and build on their careers. And LOVE doing it.

I used to view other people in higher positions as me and admire their career (I still do) and think how cool would it be to be in their shoes and work in their role. I was continuously comparing myself to them with the perspective that to be successful / happy / cool I must mould my life to look like theres…. some people call it ‘keeping up with the jones’ – to me it was how I imagine I ought to be…

Little did I know, I am quite capable of being successful and happy by just doing my thing and focusing my energy on what I do best and what is my focus at that point. It isn’t about the image I imagine nor the image anyone else imagines I ought to be. And that is ok.

It is important to remind yourself of this. Keep it real. Keep it authentic. Do what you do and do it well.

Life does have a funny way to pulling you in directions that you never imagined or intended on reaching. It can pull you to a career move that wasn’t in your ideal image of how your career was to be. You may have been made redundant, you may have faint at the sight of blood and always imagined you where going to be a nurse, you may be allergic to the chemicals used in hairdressing, you actually may not be as creative as you thought you where, you may have to move location and find out the grass isn’t actually greener. Life might just pull you in a direction that wasn’t in your plan – that is why it is important to remind yourself, it is ok. Keep on holding on to your dreams and career goals. Modify and change them as needed, see how they evolve and take a moment look at how far you have actually come.

To be honest, this is something that I have to keep on reminding myself and I am guilty of looking like a duck (my little legs trying to keep up).
Having said that… When did it become the end of the financial year? When did my baby become 7 months old. And when did it become time for me to return to work? WHAT. Crazy. shaping myself has never felt more real. It is so important to be comfortable in my own skin, to be comfortable with my decision and commitment to my role.

Im back.
Im present.
Hello WhiteBlankPagers.
Ive missed you.


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