resume reviews

For the first time resume writer


Have you recently graduated?
Have you been struggling with putting a resume together for months?
Are you stuck at a certain point?
Do you need help to kick start?
Have you wasted valuable hours staring at your computer?
Feeling stuck?


This service is designed to help you get your resume up to scratch and in a format that you can continue to update as you advance in your career. It will be

I will provide

  • my advice in the form of dot points and track changes on your current resume
  • recommendations on areas to include, change, update, delete, review
  • activities on expanding your experience and achievements and how to best showcase them
  • language, target audience and best practice on resume writing and the application process, specific to you

What I need:

  1. your current resume

What you need:

  1. a first draft of your resume
  2. to undertake a survey and activities so we can expand and build on your resume
  3. be available for any questions

Investment: $79.00 | Contact:

Applying for a role – resume + cover letter review


Are you applying for a role?
Are you stuck on trying to make your cover letter and resume stand out?
Are you unsure where to start?
Do you want a second (or third) set of eyes to look over it?


This service includes an in depth review of your current resume and cover letter to match a specific job role.

I will provide:

  • my advice in the form of dot points and track changes to both documents giving specific feedback
  • offer a second review once you have applied any changes
  • provide the first review of the documents in a 3 day turnaround time from if you have all the information ready to go
  • provide the second review of the documents in a 24 hour turnaround
  • Give specific examples on wording, style of writing and
  • Show you how to best showcase your achievements, knowledge and experience – this may include a range of activities to get you thinking about your achievements
  • I will not write your resume and cover letter for you

What I need:

  1. All information you have about the role (job advert, job description / specification)
  2. Your current resume
  3. Your first draft cover letter

What you need:

  1. have given the first draft a good old crack
  2. be available if I have any questions or are required to undertake some activities to best fill your resume
  3. be willing to spend some dedicated time on amendment

Investment: $99.00 | Contact:

Disclaimer: I will not waste anytime, if I feel I cannot help to my full capacity I will respond within 24 hours and inform you. I keep all resume reviews 100% confidential. I will be open and honest about every review. I will not write your resume or cover letter for you.

***please note, this service is purely my advice and tips, I can in no way guarantee you will win a role. But I will do my best to help.