Reintroducing myself.

As I have been away from this space for a little while. I thought it might be nice to reintroduce myself to you and what I have been up to over the last year and a few things that you may not know about me.

Hi, I’m Claire Colebeck.

I have an almost two year old son who is incredibly playful, light-hearted and chilled (when he is not throwing a tantrum, which he is becoming incredibly good at).

I got married in January this year.

I have been to Japan (honeymoon), QLD (a few times), visited family in country South Australia and went on our first little family weekend away to a coastal town just outside of Adelaide, Victor Harbor.

I have been honoured to be a guest at four wedding (not including our own) and met three brand new little people who we delightfully welcomed to the world.

I changed roles and accepted a position working as Project Officer – Student Engagement for University of South Australia. Working with incredible people, beautiful environment and location and taking a step in the right direction [more on this later].

My passion [for this blog] still lies in career guidance and direction but am not going to limit my writing or the blog to those specific posts. I crave more interaction with people and working within teams. I believe, through my personal educational, career and development journey – I can offer a little more meat, get real and strip away any sugar coating. This in itself will be a little challenging and confronting but hopefully effective.

From January – August I spent $0 on clothes. From August – September I would hate to think.

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