personal branding, the WHY

As I continue to chat about personal branding. I felt I needed to dive a little further into the WHY. Why is personal branding so dam important? Why do you make such a fuss over something that seems and looks so corporate? Why is it relevant to me?

When I was embarking into the corporate world I firstly had no idea about this whole personal branding business but I new I had to make a stance and impression in my workplace and in the market. I couldn’t relay on my academic alone to win me roles, even when I new I could master the job with ease. I had to demonstrate confidence, reliability and work ethic in my brand. I had to be known as a marketing professional. I had to position myself as a marketing professional.

With this being said, continuous development and work on my personal brand has enabled me to win roles via word of month. It has given me the confidence to network and build my professional relationships with a clear idea of what I want to be known for and building that presents on social media.

So – the WHY you ask?

Why is personal branding so dam important?

You may be ticking all the right boxes, whether you are applying for a role, starting up a new business, changing career direction or stepping out into the corporate world for the very first time, you already have a brand. People already have preconceived ideas about you and your brand. And if they don’t, it is super easy for to look you up on social media and the like. Having an understanding of what people are saying about you and being able to manipulate that will steer you in the direction you feel suits you. And the best part is, you can control this.

Personal branding isn’t all about corporate-ness

Branding yourself is not just in the corporate world. It is highly important for business owners or if you are about to embark into any career. Whether it is a sporting organization that you need to position yourself for or if you are joining a community group. Your brand can affect various angles of you life, mainly (and more importantly) professionally but also personally.

Personal Branding is not hard.

The first step is being mindful and having the awareness of your personal brand. And once you have that, start planning and giving yourself a basic strategy, it is easy to manage and continue to develop.


How do you feel about Personal Branding?