my mentor experience changed my career

I was 23 with a hunger for knowledge and eager to make it to the top…. quickly! I graduated 3 years earlier and was working in my second corporate marketing role. I wanted something extra and was in a hurry to be successful.

Being a typical Y generation, I wanted it all and I wanted it now! There was no time (in my eyes) to fluff around. However, I quickly learnt the lesson on working your way up and ‘doing the hard yards’ before you are eligible for that next level. So I sourced a mentor to help me in my progression.

This was one of, if not, the best personal development / career move I have made. The lessoned I learnt, the confidence and the relationship I built has had a spiel effect still today.

As my universe aligned, soon after my decision to seek a mentor, Emerging Marketers started to promote their first ever professional mentor program. Yes, please! I jumped on that opportunity without hesitation. I was matched with my mentor, Graham, who had a wealthy of knowledge, not only in the marketing industry but in business. We both specifically set out goals on what we wanted to achieve from the program. This set the scene for the meetings to come. As a young marketer I was keen for strategy and campaign management and all the ‘fun’ stuff but never really had the opportunity or experience to drive anything. Graham helped me work through this, giving me tactics and tips on developing a marketing plan, writing objectives and how to articulate it. It was gold to me. We worked through my weaknesses/challenges and how I can develop them moving them into strengths. We then build on my strengths and Graham showed me how to capitalise on them to progress my career. Again, goldness. Something that is so simple yet, channelling to work through yourself.

Over the course of the program, Graham encouraged me to take part in networking events. From this I had the confidence to put my hand up and volunteer to join the Emerging Marketers committee. Soon after joining, I was running the Mentor program and did this 2 years in a row before taking on the role of chair as the committee for the following 2.

Our 6 month program came to an end very quickly, but the relationship and frequent catch ups didn’t. Graham helped me apply for future positions and mentored me through my first management role looking over my strategies and giving me the encouragement and confidence to present in showcase my ideas.

I am now a professional mentor for the Emerging Marketers program and have mentored several emerging marketers using the skills I learnt from Graham and in my professional experience.

Absolutely loving this space and the opportunities it has given me – I strongly believe, mentoring lifts your career, confidence, relationship building and networking skills immensely and I am a massive advocate for it.

Mentoring gives you the opportunity to work through your career goals from an outside view in. To develop in the areas you are wanting to pursue and to introduce you to a variety of avenues you may not have thought possible. My experience was fabulous in the development of my career and wish to help others achieve their career goals and ambitions.

If you are interested in taking part in a mentor program and looking at strategies on how this can help build your career, check out the mentor packages I have available and I would love to hear from you to work through a program that suits. Click here for more information