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In December I was given a simple task from my manager to prepare a 1 page document detailing the key areas that I have worked on since my appointment six months prior.

When you first start a new job you generally walk around a little lost, unsure on the office dynamics and what it is exactly you will be doing – let’s be honest, a job description never really outlines your specific tasks and how your involvement works.

My initial thoughts where, ‘eeeekkk… what am I going to write about, what have I actually done?’ After that moment of panic lifted and I started to dot point the key areas I have worked on, I suddenly found myself continuously typing and typing and typing. To my surprise, I had actually achieved a reasonable amount for still considering myself to be new.

As you move through the motions of your working year, you generally focus on your next steps and what needs to be done. We don’t often stop and look back to review the past year and the amount of work you have been involved in and achieved.

This exercise really concreted the fact that I have made a positive move in my career. It made me think about what I have effortlessly achieved. By effortlessly, I mean working through my tasks because they are interesting and exciting to me and without pushing and forcing it. Which is a great description for how I feel in the role right now.

My decision to start looking for a new job was easy. I knew I was not in the right role for me. With no disrespect to the organisation (it was my own journey) it felt forced and uncomfortable which resulted in not achieving my best work – which I hated. Something had to change. I looked for roles in marketing but they all felt the same and didn’t excite me. I was also feeling very stuck in my own head trying to plan out how it was all going to look but extremely frustrated because (frightfully) I actually did not know what I wanted to do – WHAT? Feeling ridiculously stressed, guilty for working in a role I didn’t believe I was giving my all resulting in it all bubbling up in anxious-ness. I was driving myself and everyone around me crazy

This is when the whole gratitude resolution evolved – which you can read about in my latest post here

This journey, started a whole new movement and has continued to build and deepen as I research, learn and practice.

My first action was to take a step back and practice gratitude. I needed to stop focusing on the negatives and start to focus on what was working for me. I needed to change my vibration [disclaimer, I am going to get a bit ‘hippy’ or a term I recently heard and love ‘woo-woo’ on you] from a place of need and want to a place of acceptance and ease. I worked on changing my focus from thoughts around:

‘I don’t know what the next step is going to be’
‘I am going to have to work full-time’
‘All these marketing roles look similar to what I am doing’
‘Nothing that is of interest to me is showing up’
‘I am not good at what I am doing’

To being grateful for what I have, ie:

‘I love the people I work with’
‘I work 5 minutes from home’
‘I have the opportunity to work 4 days a week meaning I can spend more time with Fergie’
‘The company is working on some really cool projects that is actually super interesting and making positive, innovative and creative changes to our lives’

Do you know what started to happen? I fell back in love with what I was doing. I started to take on extra projects. My motivation, productivity and energy increased.

I continuously needed to stop myself in my tracks literally saying STOP and change my thoughts. It is not as easy as it sounds but with practicing this continuously, I promise you, those negative thoughts decrease and amazing things start to happen.

My next step was to stop trying to dictate, to myself, what my career direction is going to be. This is going to be a little hypocritical to what I have previously spoken about on this blog. But as I move through my career journey my direction and beliefs are starting to change and evolve. I was getting so frustrated not knowing what my direction, ideal career move, goals were. To combat this, I started to focus on how I wanted to feel [here comes woo-woo again]. I started to imagine and visualise the feeling of working in a role where I would be helping people, working in an environment surrounded by people, working in a role that fits my values, is educating and inspiring, working in a role that is not solely desk driven. This was my next shift – by doing this, I opened doors. I stopped narrowing my search to marketing specific roles, I started to look outside of the square and for things that would excite me. I had a better idea of what I wanted.

As they say, it didn’t happen overnight but it did happen. Doors opened, opportunities presented themselves and with ease. It felt right. Keeping in mind, at this stage I wiped the ‘desperate’ flag from my forehead and was enjoying my current role. The need and want was gone.

My final step and probably the most woo-woo. TRUST. Everything is going to be OK. My next move is out there waiting for me and all I need to do is be open to it. The Universe will watch my back and make sure it points me in the direction I need to go. I am exactly where I need to be.

Throughout this process I journaled my thoughts and manifested a career (or role) guided by how I wanted to feel with focusing on my values.

It landed me in a role that literally ticked all the boxes. Four days a week, working with students, working on projects to help enhance students experience while at university, office situated smack bang in the centre of the campus and with opportunity to be creative.

There you have it – simplified and packaged down. My journey in changing careers…

Love to hear your stories, or even a journey in manifesting.

Claire x

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