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Feeling a in a little rut, or that motivation is quickly wearing away. Feeling like you are stuck in a routine and constantly on repeat. Feeling like you are adding no value and waiting for your big break.

Try this little task to give you some motivation, feeling of self-achievement and handy to keep updated when you are wanted to or ready to apply for a new job.

And – bonus – If you are unsure of your next career move or where you see yourself in the future, this will also give you a little clarity into your role and direction.


Write down a list of the tasks you perform during the day. You may want to do this over a couple of days so you can get a true indirection of the actual tasks you perform.

Put a * next to the tasks you like. A ** next to the tasks you LOVE

Notice a pattern in the areas you LOVE and the areas you are not so keen on. On the tasks you like to perform and enjoy doing.

Now write down a list of the achievements you have done while in your role.

This can be anything from writing a kick arse email communicating really difficult instructions very clearly. Or your bosses boss who is incredibly intimidating, call you by your first name. Or you worked on a project that achieved high results.  Starting a conversation with a customer who never interacts.

Pop these down in a list format titled:
Your Task

Keep on writing – even the small achievements. The things you think may not matter.

Now… look at your page. Look at ALL the achievements you have made in your role.

See how much you are actually adding value and building on your resume.
Keep this handy and continue to build on it. Trust me, it will be of use to you in your future.

Have you performed this task or one similar? Found it helpful?

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  1. Hello lovely lady 🙂
    This post is fabo – I remember lying awake every night dreaming of working at the university, and then was so stoked when it happened. But now I’ve gotten a bit “meh” about it because I haven’t considered a lot of the achievements I’ve made along the way and how much I do really enjoy it. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  2. Hi Claire, love this practical post! Such a good idea, and in fact, I think I’m going to give it a try this weekend- I’m pretty sure I do more than just housework all weekend 😉

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