keep calm and be productive

Procrastination – it is not something that you leave behind when graduating. Yep… there are jobs and tasks that you tend to find yourself hitting that procrastination button several times or do everything else on your task list and leave that in the ‘too hard basket’.

Some quick simple tips that have helped me ‘tick that job off the list’ and turn unproductive into productive.

  1. turn outlook (emails) off
  2. move to a different desk or book out a meeting room and lock yourself away
  3. write your list hour by hour and tick it off as you go (those ticks will feel good)
  4. first thing in the morning – don’t check emails. Grab yourself a coffee and get the job done

There is nothing better then the feeling of ticking that task off your list and moving on.

Would love to hear any tips on how you stay productive? 

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