introducing downtime

I thought it was about time to really introduce myself. To let you know why I am here and what we can achieve.

This space is. Like I comment here. A place where we can explore careers, give insight to your career, and ultimately it is delving into the wonderful world of careers. To share some tricks and tips I have learnt along the way and to give guidance and advice through my experiences – really you can learn from my mistakes and achievements. I am so transparent and have so much to share, what better place to start then a white blank page. I love that you are here and have a thirst for success. With that, we can achieve so much.

While that is my main purpose, my passion, what I believe in and what I love to share and explore with you. I find it so interesting to see what other people do for a living, what inspires them, what they have studied, worked towards and do for 40 hours a week – don’t you? I will also share downtime. We all need it. We all crave it. It is a necessity to our life and I believe to be extremely important. So, with that being said. I will use this space to share all kinds of downtime activities. Travel & the cool hang outs that come with it. Style. Food. Wine. DIY. Inspiration. I will name this Downtime (appropriate, don’t you think).

And I will also give insight and updates to the planning of my wedding. Arh wedding… Just saying the word makes gives beautiful butterflies. It is fair to say – I am out-of-this-world ecstatic and cannot wait to share this with you. I will name this Wedding Inspo in the sidebar so it is easy for you to find. I will bring you along for the ride of concepts, my style, wedding prep, bridal prep and the like.

Look forward to sharing this space with you.

Please drop me a line in the comments below if there is anything you would like see in this section (or other sections for that matter).

AND a big Thank YOU for being here.


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