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Did someone say personal branding? Previously I shared my tips to get you thinking about your personal brand and the importance on it in the workplace, so I thought it was quite fitting for me to share this post from Sarah from Working Mums Collective on personal branding for working mums. It can be relevant to all and applied to every situation (take a good look to all my mum followers as it is super relevant to you).


Personal branding is a topic of interest to me and something that I am passionate about.

When you are passionate about developing your career, you want to be seen for your achievements and strengths at work, not for any of the other titles you can be given – mum, wife, daughter, blogger, business owner, blonde, brunette, committee member, the list could go on.

I believe it is an important activity for working mums to invest in. By spending time on your personal brand you can influence what others say about you.

Branding is what others say about you when you are not in the room.

Knowing your personal brand and spending time on it is important because many women are not confident about putting themselves forward at work or in their business.

If you want to advance your career then you need to invest in personal branding.

Spending time to create a personal brand that is aligned with your career goals can help to open up opportunities that you didn’t think were possible.

Spending time developing your personal brand is a worthwhile investment as you can control how you are perceived and control the messages that you are putting out there, rather than letting others do it for you.

Here are some easy tips to get you started:

  1. Write a list of your key strengths and what makes you unique. What do others say that you are really good at? If you get stuck with this, ask people. Ask your friends and colleagues what your key strengths are. What makes you stand out over others in your industry?
  1. Develop a short paragraph that you can use when introducing yourself to others. Use the words that you wrote down in number 1 to develop what is often referred to as an elevator pitch. If you were in a elevator with someone you want to impress, a potential future boss or someone that really inspires you and you had 30 seconds to promote yourself to them – what would you say? Spend some time on this and use it every time you meet someone. Make sure this statement positions you where you want to head with your career.
  1. Ensure that your online profile is up to date and relevant. What shows up when you Google your name? Is it your Facebook profile full of photos of you and your family, children and friends? Or does your professional LinkedIn profile appear listing your career history and highlights and personal brand statement. Think about what you want people to see online about you and adjust your privacy settings accordingly.
  2. Make connections – in real life and online. Making connections is so important when you want to advance your career. Being a working mums means that you have limited time for networking but the beauty of the internet means that you can connect with people within your industry and those that you want to influence online at a time that is convenient with you.
  1. Be authentic – find your voice and share your knowledge online. Choose a platform to share your message, whether it is a Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Find what works for you and where you can connect with the people you want to influence, get to know and become visible to. It is so important to be authentic and let your true self shine through. Don’t try to be someone you are not.
  1. Continue to build your personal brand and update your online profiles when necessary. Work out how much time you can realistically dedicate to working on your personal brand and schedule this in to your calendar. Continue to share your knowledge, make connections and keep your online profiles updated as you grow and develop in your career.



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Sarah is wife to Ben, mum to Hudson and Ashlee. In her professional life she works as a Marketing and Events Manager in the non-profit sector. She is passionate about mums returning to work after having kids and has created working mums collective as a place for working mums to connect, share stories and advice, celebrate successes and really support and empower each other.



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