a goal a week – week 5

Before I get too ahead of myself. I must be honest with you. This week has been a little harder than I expected to get through my task list. I had the feelings of ‘oh shit, can I keep this up?’ ‘Can I complete everything I need to before December’ ‘I only have 7 working weeks left (eeeekkkk)’ AND a biggy rose to the surface. ‘Can I keep up my beloved blogging world when I become a new mum?’ Am I putting too much pressure on myself to build and post and commit to this world without letting my beautiful tribe down. As I move into my third trimester, my energy levels are decreasing and motivation is decreasing with it. Conscious of listening to my body and what it needs, I am determine not to over do it. Some nights I see myself crawling into bed at 8pm (which is rather beautiful at times). I feel myself questioning my ability to continue to produce content for you.

As soon as I started to get these inner critic thoughts creep into my head, I meet a group of inspiring bloggers who love what they do. Timing = immaculate. when ever you are in doubt, surrounding yourself with inspirational people who pick you up right back to where you need to be. Just Brilliant.

I left with a bundle of energy injected right out of the dynamic conversations with experienced and knowledgeable bloggers who have been through the change in directions, up and down and feelings of self doubt and pick you right back up where you know you should be. It was truly inspirational and (even better) it is right in my back yard – Radelaide has a lot offer in the online world and I feel super excited to be apart of it.

I find it incredible how much energy you can gain from conversations.

So – with that being said. I am right back onto the goal setting challenge and boosted my fuel of motivation and inspiration to ‘get the job done’. And have full confidence that I can…

Bring on Week 5

Note, as I didn’t get into my goal for last week, I am extending it to this week also and allowing myself to be creative, relax and let the energy flow…

// Work on my copy and content for my 2015 projects. This is a biggy – so much is happening for me in 2015 I cannot wait to share with you all.

How are you weekly goals going? Have you had any challenges with getting the tasks ticked off the list, I would love to hear how you are going and how you have overcome any blockages.

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