a goal a week – week 3

I must admit, this goal setting challenge is really working well for me. I feel energised and motivated. And once I have ticked that task off the list, I feel like I have accomplished something. Both pleasing and motivating at the same time. Excited to see my goals all set up for the week to come and clearly focusing on what is at hand. Best of all – I am not getting too anxious or stressed about what I need to do before Christmas as I feel confident by plugging away at one goal (sometimes 2 or 3) in a week will mean the to-do-list will be achieved with flying colours. Focus and clarity on what I have at hand is becoming my new love – the rest can wait for the coming weeks… it isn’t going anywhere.

This little exercise has also seen that I have found more time for myself – being pregnant, your body often lets you know when it is time to stop. It is important to listen to this and accept the fact that you need to drop everything and just put yourself to bed or have a little lye down. But that is ok because I have my weekly goal in mind and not the million of things that I want to get done in the week.

I did mention that I was going to dive into how I manage my goals this week. But to be honest, I have been so consume with everything else that is going on around me (so many social events on the calendar this past weekend) that I haven’t managed to address this topic. So I promise, next Monday I will have my goal setting techniques for you.

That (very nicely in fact) brings me to my Week 3 list of goals

// Get my goal setting technique post ready to share

// Schedule in some downtime – an hour out for myself at least 4 times this week (read a book, have a bath, paint my nails, all the fun stuff)

// And… spring clean my emails – flag what I need to follow up, delete and file

How is your weekly goal setting going?


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