a goal a week – week 2

I am pleased to report that week 1 of my goal setting exercise went really well. With positive feedback and comments about my 12 week challenge – I felt even more inspired.

I successfully completed all goals on my list

This week goal is very home related. As you can imagine, making room for a new arrival in the house can be a little… well… messy. We have cleaned out the babies room and happily plugging away at organising and filling the nursery, which means our guest (spare) room has been a little neglected and used as the store room.

This week is all about spring cleaning.

// Organise and ‘spring clean’ the spare room

1 rather large task for me this week but, I can just visualise how I will feel once it is completed (it feels, and looks good).

Next week I will spare with you the way I display and categorise my goals.

What are your goals for this week?

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