a goal a week… 12 weeks to december

As we are well and truly into the second half of the year and I can only image the next few months flying by like nobody’s business, time is just going to get away with so many things to tick off the big long list before Christmas I have decided to do a goal a week in the build-up.

Christmas is actually a healthy 21 weeks away – however, just to make the festive season even more exciting, I am in fact doing to be a mother just before Christmas – so as you can imagine, my list of to-dos to increasingly becoming ultra-mega long trying to fit in everything before I go on maternity leave, bubba enters the world and Christmas pops up. Without feeling overwhelmed and that it is just all too much, I have decided to break it up a little and plan a 12 weeks to December, goal a week.

This has sprouted (not only from my lengthy to-do list) from my week old e-book, Colour Blank Pages in which I detailed 7 lessons on how you can find out what you want and making it happen. It is content rich with very clear and specific tactics on goal setting and pulling out your achievements and showcasing them (you can download this by subscribing to my newsletter which you will receive juicy monthly emails full of subscriber only tips and advice on my sidebar or by clicking this link). The e-book is all about applying goal setting to your dreams and desires and pulling them together. I got thinking about it all and felt I needed to practice a little goal setting myself and would love you to join.


A goal a week for 12 weeks:

I am going to set myself a goal to achieve each week in the build up to December (before it get too crazy).

Some will be tricky and require more time and some will be easy to tick off the list. I will priorities according to other commitments I have and also to timing it takes as I don’t want to over commit to a point I cannot achieve. I will set myself up for success (not fail). And I need to remember, I do have a baby on the way and to give myself some downtime to connect and relax.

I will also throw in some fun / creative stuff for good measure.

I will post my weekly goal(s) every week to keep you inspired and to give some direction on how my goal setting world works. And hopefully motivate you to do the same…

The best part is… it is all set out super clear that I can focus on the one task at a time and be confident that everything will be completed in due course. I don’t have to overwhelm myself with the pressure of having everything in order prior to baby and the end of the year and save sometime for myself and to settle into the later stages of my pregnancy.

As White Blank Pages is career focused, I have gone on a little tangent with this one relating it to all aspects of my life, not just career… but I feel it is relevant. If you home life is crazy busy and you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, your work life suffers. Your concentration levels decrease resulting in your productivity lacking. And in the business of goal setting, it is all relevant and you can relate it specifically to your role or do a mixture. I will be playing with both.

Week 1 – Project / Content Planning.

White Blank Pages is going to solder on while I am on maternity leave. It will be good for me to still keep my creativity in action and I am excited about the projects I have planned for 2015. But key is to be organised…

This week is all about planning.

// Content planning and writing – set myself down to write some juicy posts that have been in the back of my head for a while now… get them on paper and schedule them in

// Career Profile planning – get all my wonderful career profile peeps underway and schedule in from now until November

// My 2015 project writing – I do have some (well 1 in particular) cool projects I am working on, my goal for this week is to get 1 section complete

// Yoga – I have had a bit of a hectic last couple of weeks (travel, appointments, etc) and missed out on my yoga class, my goal for this week is to reconnect with yoga getting up earlier 1 day this week to practice my morning yoga and to make it to my class on the weekend – this one is for a little me time.

Done for week 1 – this is a content driven week and will require a little bit of writing work but I don’t have much else on taking up my time so will be able to set myself up over the next couple of nights and over the weekend and get stuck into it. I feel excited about ticking these tasks off my list!

Are you ready to get your weekly goals in order… How do you plan to prepare for the festive season?

And stay tuned for my week 2 goals…  


  1. First of all SUPER excited for you and the baby news that is so AMAZING! Also loving this post, a fresh new month is the perfect time to get your goals realigned. It’s REALLY weird because my post today was about a list of 20 new things I want to try before Christmas…. we were totally on the same wavelength! All the best and hope things with baby are doing well 🙂 x

  2. Ooh, Claire, congrats on your baby news! What an exciting new chapter of life for you. I am very inspired by this practical goal setting idea. Takes out the “overwhelm”. Thanks for sharing yours–I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for your new projects!

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