a goal a week | week 4

And we are 4 weeks in already.

We are well on our way to December with this month coming to an end, I am getting a little anxious about what is to come in the next couple of months. My mind does feel at ease and I am slowly plugging away at my weekly goals which is (as I mentioned last week) really working for me.

Setting your goals.

There are many many different ways you can plan your goals. I love vision boards and displaying my goals creatively, it is not only a motivator and continues to inspire you but is also visually appealing. I also dive into the nitty gritty of goal setting for my career in my goal setting experience. I have found, in this exercise as my goals are in no particular order (more so delegated to weeks to how much time I have in that week) and are in relation to work, home, blog and personal areas, I have given myself a big ‘achievement’ list. From here I have categorised each area in the 4 mentioned. Then sporadically pick out what will be my goal for that week – this generally reflects the mood I am in and how productive I am feeling at the time. I then publicise it. I post it here so you can follow my journey and make sure I am keeping my word. But I also display it at my desk, along slide my vision board to put it out on the open. Make it real and give me that extra boost to complete it.

To put your goals out there and in the open it can put a little pressure on yourself and you can start to question… ‘what if I don’t get it done’, ‘what if I burn myself out trying to make it happen’, ‘I will be embarrassed if people see that I haven’t completed the simple task of cleaning out my emails’. These emotions can rise to the surface, but you also got to tell yourself – these are my goals, or for a better word, my intentions. It is also my intention to first and foremost look after me, and if this means that my emails need to wait a another week, despite having publically declared I was going to tick that off the list, then that is OK… And does it really matter? Don’t be afraid of declaring your goals as they can do more good then harm… use it as a motivator.

goal setting quote 1

This weeks goals is based around 2015 (preparation is the key when you know the first couple of months will be hectic)

// Work on copy and content for my 2015 projects 

Love this task as it gets the creative juices flowing and is something that I am super excited about and cannot wait to share with you. Some pretty cool / major projects are in the making…

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