finding motivation

Over the last couple of weeks I have been exposed to a completely different world and my headspace and initial focus has changed. I have sat down to fixate into this world and find my motivation sway to everything baby… Initially I was getting rather frustrated with myself and telling myself off for not utilising my time well and getting easterly distracted, until I just let myself go. I took a deep breath and just rolled with it. I didn’t get too caught up in it all and let it be… this enabled me to ease my way back into this space when I was actually ready and not forcing something that wasn’t there.

After a number of times back and forth from the computer, I eventually gave in – I needed to relax and let myself ease back into it at my own pace. I have listed a few points I took onboard when I was motivating myself and working my way back towards to computer…

These tips can work across a variety of areas (both work and non-work related). Eg, if you have a test that needs completing and you keep putting it off…

1. just go with it. Be ok with the fact that you are not motivated or ready to take on that roll and give yourself time to ease your way into it. Otherwise you run the risk of not giving your best and not being happy with your result.

2. sound yourself with like minded / inspirational people. This is one of my favourite ways to get inspired. It allows you to feed off their motivation and energy. It can draw you to a whole new way of thinking and can leave you with so many wonderful ideas. I would call this as being the number 1 way of finding your motivation.

3. break it down. Look at your workload break it down with daily tasks, even if it is just small actions per day that you can tick off your list (love seeing that tick). An easy, step by step way to build up your motivation.

4. refocus and rework your intentions. If you are still struggling to gain that motivation, have a look at what you are doing. Do you have invested interest in what you are doing? Are you really ready for this space or do you need to rework your intentions and look at what you are doing from the bigger picture. If you are anything like me, you love strategy / business planning / goal setting and the like – this task itself will motivate you to get back into it. Another tip that works for me is removing yourself from your normal workplace and surrounding yourself with a different setting, whether it be at a different work desk, booking a meeting room, a cafe, a park bench. It is a good way to draw the focus back to the task at hand.

5. inspired action. When you are in your zone, run with it… Don’t you just love it when you are totally in your zone and ideas, patterns and creativity is just flowing… Remember to just run with it – let it flow even if it is taking you in a completely different direction to what you intended. It must be there for a reason. Let yourself get carried away especially if you are lacking in the motivation and inspiration, this could be just what your left side of the brain is needing to pull you out of your slump. Be inspired.

These tips have helped me immensely to get back into this headspace, that I have been missing like crazy, and to rework my intentions and build on what I have been working on. I have been able to take a much needed break, step back and check it out from the other side of the fence. When your motivation is a little on the slow side, just relax, it will all come together…


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