what’s in a title?

After having a conversation with one of my work colleagues from a previous position about how her role has evolved over time and due to changes out of her control (company merge), her job title has changed making it look as though she is in a lower position than previously and it doesn’t reflect what… Read More

Claire Colebeck Presenting

perception is reality

Fist impressions count… Perception is reality – this is established in the first few minutes! After attending a networking event last Thursday evening hosted by The Australian Marketing Institute, Emerging Marketers, I learnt all about body language, personality, confidence and communication by Media Icon, Cherylee Harris and all about your first impressions and how you… Read More


healthy desk snack ideas

Often at work you can be busy working away on a task or project then all of a sudden, without warning your tummy decides to give off a massive roar…  Whoops, What, When did I become hungry? While the vending machine can be very tempting, here are some must have desk snacks to keep you… Read More


5 things I learnt in my first REAL job

When I stepped into my very first marketing role I was young, confident (I had a degree) and little naïve. The REAL world is a lot different to what I imagined… suits, coffee, lunches, working on cool campaigns and the like. I quickly learnt (I mean QUICKLY) that life in the corporate world was a little less glamorous and little… Read More