busy is a drug

Everyone is time poor. Whether you are working a high profile job, a stay at home mum, a student with a full study load, hey, even a high school student. We all fit under the same umbrella of having absolutely no time and it is all relative to your own situation. It really bugs my… Read More


shaping ourselves

After reading this quote I started thinking about how we ACTUALLY do have this idea about who we want to be and how we want to live our lives. I went through high school and uni with this image about how my life would look and what would make up the ‘perfect’ life and all… Read More


2014 is upon us

The end of the year is approaching and now I am sitting amongst maternity leave, it has given me the time to look into this space a little more closely and really think about what 2015 is going to bring for white blank pages and myself. I have been able to really brainstorm, get inspired by… Read More


a goal a week – week 5

Before I get too ahead of myself. I must be honest with you. This week has been a little harder than I expected to get through my task list. I had the feelings of ‘oh shit, can I keep this up?’ ‘Can I complete everything I need to before December’ ‘I only have 7 working… Read More

a goal a week | week 4

And we are 4 weeks in already. We are well on our way to December with this month coming to an end, I am getting a little anxious about what is to come in the next couple of months. My mind does feel at ease and I am slowly plugging away at my weekly goals… Read More

a goal a week – week 3

I must admit, this goal setting challenge is really working well for me. I feel energised and motivated. And once I have ticked that task off the list, I feel like I have accomplished something. Both pleasing and motivating at the same time. Excited to see my goals all set up for the week to come… Read More

a goal a week – week 2

I am pleased to report that week 1 of my goal setting exercise went really well. With positive feedback and comments about my 12 week challenge – I felt even more inspired. I successfully completed all goals on my list This week goal is very home related. As you can imagine, making room for a… Read More