the day my confidence hit ground bottom

I participated in a blog series where we were asked to share an experience of when your confidence was shot down by the beautiful Kate Toholka. Kate provided a serious on ‘raw, honest and blazing with confidence’ and how women have not just had a blow to their confidence but worked through to over come it. As I am… Read More


career profile | marketing team leader

Meet Amelia – a passionate, dedicated marketing pro. Amelia is one of the most organised people I know and in her line of work, it is a must. Amelia is willing to give advice and share her experiences where possible. Amelia illustrates that a little bit of hard work, passion for what you do and dedication can take you to that next… Read More

Claire Colebeck Presenting

perception is reality

Fist impressions count… Perception is reality – this is established in the first few minutes! After attending a networking event last Thursday evening hosted by The Australian Marketing Institute, Emerging Marketers, I learnt all about body language, personality, confidence and communication by Media Icon, Cherylee Harris and all about your first impressions and how you… Read More