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Meet Amelia – a passionate, dedicated marketing pro. Amelia is one of the most organised people I know and in her line of work, it is a must. Amelia is willing to give advice and share her experiences where possible. Amelia illustrates that a little bit of hard work, passion for what you do and dedication can take you to that next level. I am so excited to be able to share her career journey with you… its a goodie….

Amelia Thomas – Marketing Team Leader, Perks Integrated Business Services

Brief description of your role:
In my current role I manage and deliver a multi-channel marketing strategy from brand position through to acquisition, retention, customer relationship management, sponsorship and public relations.

So… what do you actually do?
There is really no typical day for me, it can involve anything from creating or launching a new campaign, reporting, updating the website, arranging print or online advertising, training new starters on marketing systems or dealing with supplier invoices. However, here is what today looked like:

5am – My day begins by forcing myself out of bed for a huge mug of hot coffee and a delicious breakfast before heading out the door to walk my two dogs. 6.30am – I race back in the door to get ready for work. It’s a combination of doing my hair & makeup whilst checking what is happening in the world on Facebook & twitter at the same time. 7.30am – I jump into the car for my trip to work, bopping along to all my favourite songs and getting pumped up for the day. 8.00am – I sit down at my desk and check the latest news headlines and read up on anything relevant. Keeping ahead of your market is really important if you’re to create a competitive advantage and deliver value to your customers. I’ll share or post anything of interest to our social media sites. 9.00am – What is everyone up to? I have a quick catch up with my team to go through our work in progress. I find it helps set focus and is a great forum to discuss ideas. 10.00am– When not in meetings, I tend to use the morning to get on with any ‘meaty’ project work I have. This can include writing editorial, building presentations, developing ads. Early mornings are also used to email anyone I need anything from. 1.00pm – Lunch time! I always find time to eat and try to get away from my desk to have a chat with other team members in the lunch room and recharge for the afternoon. 2.00pm – I open up my marketing budget spreadsheet and make some changes and updates. I spend some time analyzing numbers and trying to squeeze some slack out of my budget for some advertising activity in a new medium we have decided to explore. 3.00pm – Meeting with our PR Agency here in our offices. Discuss our strategy going forward and develop a series of key messages and themes for the next 6 months. 4.00pm– Review our new digital strategy and provide feedback. Research the latest SEO techniques to ensure we’re keeping on top of things. 5.00pm – Review any outstanding emails and put together a to do list for the following day. Always so much to do! 6.30pm – Time to hit the gym! A healthy body creates a healthy mind so I try to get in a gym session every day to get the body moving. 7.40pm – It’s food and relaxation time. I love going home and spending time with my husband over a lovely meal and a glass of wine and hearing about his day. Then it’s a last minute check of my emails, Facebook & twitter on the couch before retiring to bed!


How did you get to your position of being a Marketing Manager?
I became a Marketing Manager by being passionate about the companies I worked for and working my way up from the bottom over time. I started my career as a Marketing Assistant in my families wine business whilst I completed my final year of university. I continued to work in this role for two years before deciding to branch out from the wine industry and moved into a Marketing Co-coordinator position with a South Australian finance business. I stayed with this organization for 5 years, slowly working my way up to be the Advertising and campaign coordinator and then to the Advertising and Campaign Manager. From there I felt like I had progressed as far as I could with that organization and have now moved onto be the Team Leader (marketing manager) of Perks.

Have you always wanted to work in the Marketing area?
Actually no, I always wanted to be a vet and work with animals. Unfortunately I didn’t get the marks required to enter the course so chose marketing instead. My family had a wine business and I had been surrounded by marketing my whole life so it was something that really interested me. I am still passionate about animals so my dream job now would definitely be a marketing role in an animal related industry.

What do you love about your role?
I love that the core aspect of my role is that I get to communicate with different people on a daily basis. I also love that no day is the same – it’s creative, varied and progressive, which for me is everything you need to stay motivated and keep moving forward.

In your current role, what has been your biggest achievement?
I have only been in my current role for a short while however; my biggest achievement to date would be the implementation of a marketing internal newsletter and receiving lots of positive feedback on it.

In this role the success of our marketing activities is largely dependent on the involvement of our Director group so it is really important that they are actively engaged. By increasing our communication to them they are getting excited about our new initiatives and are becoming more enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?
My ‘love this’ moment would definitely be seeing and hearing ads that I have helped to develop on the TV and radio and then hearing to phone ringing the next day. It’s such a buzz knowing that the ads you have produced are actually working and people are engaged enough with what you’re saying to pick up the phone and call you.

What would be the least favourite aspect of your role?
My least favourite aspect is that the job is quite high pressured and can sometimes seem like everything has landed on you at once. This can be stressful at times but it teaches you to categorise everything into priorities and delegate to your team.

Any advice for anyone aspiring to work in the marketing industry?
Throughout your studies make sure you do at least one internship or some work experience – this will provide you with practical industry experience and knowledge which will help you secure a professional marketing role once you have graduated. An internship or work experience will also provide insight that will allow you to assess whether marketing is the right career for you or what type of marketing you wish to pursue.

Thank you Amelia for that detailed introduction to your world in Marketing – any questions for Amelia, about the Professional Services Industry or Marketing? Please join the conversation below…

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