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How do you market Lawyers? Is a question that Kylie and Rebecca (Bec) consistently get. It is a strange concept when you think about it but it is an ever so important component to the positioning, representation, branding and promotion of both lawyers and the firm. When you hear about the day to day tasks that Kylie and Bec perform and are responsible for and compare them to a marketing professional that works for product or retail – the skills and way of thinking is different and it needs to be.  Although the view of working in the corporate world can seem rather glamorous, it is constantly crazy busy, events, tenders, deadlines are just amongst many responsibilities for these lovely ladies.

If you are interested in working in the professional services area (not just marketing) stay tuned to hear the day by day tasks that Kylie and Bec perform.

I decided to mirror both Kylie and Bec as they are both Marketing Consultants for Kelly & Co. Lawyers. BUT their career journeys and path to get to their positions have been quite different.

Kylie Sando and Rebecca Stone, Marketing Consultants, Kelly & Co. Lawyers

To start with… How did you get to your position of being a Marketing Consultant?

I had previously worked as a secretary and paralegal in a couple of law firms but decided to study Marketing and see if I enjoyed it.  I commenced a Certificate IV in Marketing at TAFE while I was working as a conveyancer.  While I was studying, a friend, who was working at Kelly & Co., suggested that I send in my resume and see if there were any opportunities available in marketing.  Kelly & Co. called me to say that although there wasn’t a marketing role available they were interested in talking to me about a role working for the CEO.  I was successful in getting that role and started working for the CEO and later the HR Manager.  A year and a half later the Marketing Coordinator resigned and the HR Manager asked if I wanted to move into that role.  I jumped at the chance and started as a Marketing Coordinator in late 2009.  I progressed to Marketing Consultant after gaining experience under the direction of a Marketing Manager who was appointed a short time after I started the Coordinator role.

B. I followed the more ‘traditional’ path – after completing a Bachelor degree in Marketing I was fortunate to come across an entry level position at the firm as a Marketing Co-ordinator, and after a few years in this role I was promoted to Marketing Consultant.

Brief description of your role:

K. I work with the Partners to identify opportunities for business development as well as develop ways to raise Kelly & Co.’s profile through thought leadership and various marketing activities.

B. My role involves working with a number of the firm’s practice area subgroups to assist with their business development and client relationship management activities.

So… what do you actually do?


K. 6.30am … Alarm goes off, in my sleepy haze try to remember if it’s a work day or a weekend!  7.30am leave for work.  8.00am  Go past my favourite coffee shop – Coffee Branch – and grab my morning coffee.  8.10am Arrive at work and check my emails while having breakfast. 8.30am  Update social media pages with photos from a volunteering day that our staff participated in the day before  8.45am Quick meeting with our Head of Marketing to talk about priorities and new tasks  9am  Check tender notifications list and search for legal services tender opportunities  9.10am  Read through agenda and notes in readiness for a practice area subgroup meeting  9.30am Attend practice group meeting and participate in discussions about current projects and new opportunities  10.30am  Double check my preparations for a boardroom lunch that I am hosting that day  10.40am Call my helper for the day (today it’s Hayley) to help me set up for the lunch.  For the next hour Hayley and I are moving tables and walls, laying out tablecloths, placing flowers and arranging place settings for the lunch.  11.45am  Wait staff arrive and I brief them on the format for the lunch.  I duck my head into the kitchen to check with the caterer that things are progressing smoothly and on track.   Midday I race upstairs to my desk to grab my heels and jacket, put on some lip gloss and head back down to Reception ready to greet guests.  12.15pm  Guests start arriving for the boardroom lunch and I usher them into our boardroom.  12.30pm  Final guest arrives for the lunch.  I let the wait staff and caterer know that everyone has arrived and then go back to my desk.  12.40pm  I check emails that have come in while I have been greeting guests.  One of the emails is an urgent request from a Partner to update their CV to send to a client by the afternoon.  I update the CV and send it back immediately.  1pm  I go back downstairs to check on how the lunch is progressing.  1.10pm  I take a short break and have some lunch.  1.40pm  I head downstairs again to touch base with the wait staff and say goodbye to the caterer.  1.50pm  I check my task list and my diary and reacquaint myself with what needs to be done for the rest of the week.  In the meantime I receive a proof from our printers for the firm’s careers fair brochures.  I check the proof and send it back to the printers. I start working on a submission for the Partners for an opportunity to present at a national conference.  2.10pm  The receptionist calls to say that the lunch has concluded and guests are leaving.  I go back downstairs, say goodbye to our guests and start packing up the rooms.  2.45pm  Back to my desk again.  Commence work on the submission once again.  3.00pm  Receptionist calls to say that a supplier has arrived for a scheduled meeting.  I meet with the supplier to discuss ways we can partner with them for future events.  3.30pm  Back to my desk.  Send reminder to guests about an upcoming event.  Commence work on the submission once again.  4.00pm  Receive call from an organisation wanting to discuss corporate sponsorship  4.15pm  Go back to working on the submission again!  4.30pm Receive phone call from a Partner wanting a copy of a recent tender proposal.  Attend to the request and then go back to working on the submission once again.  5.30pm  Almost home time!  5.45pm Walk out the door and head home!


B. 6am … Gym, breakfast, get ready and leave for work. 8.30am … Arrive at work, check my emails and update my task list. 8.45am … A quick meeting with our Head of Marketing to update the team on current projects. 9am Grab a coffee and settle down to start working through my list. First priority, tonight’s seminar. Respond to a few last minute RSVPs, confirm timing with the caterer and wait staff and finalise the marketing collateral (menus, name tags, brochures). 10.30am … Receive an urgent email – a recent court decision is relevant to our clients so we need to send out a client update to our mailing list. Quickly format the document and send back to the Partner to settle. 11.30am … Back to event prep – print out the last of the materials and do a final run through of my event checklist to make sure everything is covered. 12.30pm … Lunch time … 1.30pm …  Back to the office, check emails – the finalised version of the client update has been sent through and there is a new email requesting a tender document for a client meeting next week. First things first, set up the email campaign for the client update, test it and then distribute to our mailing list. 2pm Make a start on the tender document and arrange a time to meet with the Partner in the next few days to discuss.  2.50pm Send out a reminder email to guests for a breakfast seminar we are hosting next week, then collect the marketing materials for tonight’s seminar and head downstairs to set up. 4.30pm … Wait staff and caterers arrive. Meet with the wait staff to brief them on the format of the event, finalise set up then head back upstairs to do a final check of emails before the event. 4.45pm … Throw on my suit jacket, replace my comfy flats with heels and race back downstairs to wait in the foyer to welcome guests. 5.30pm … Guests take their seats and the presentation begins. Go back upstairs to check emails then pack up for the day before going back downstairs. 6.30pm … The seminar finishes and guests leave the building. Have a quick chat with the presenter to see how it went before helping the wait staff pack up the rooms.  7.30pm … Home time!

Have you always wanted to work in the marketing area?

Not initially.  I was working in a law firm as a paralegal doing conveyancing work but kept thinking about what else I could be doing and questioning where I wanted to go with my career.  The word ‘marketing’ kept popping up in my head so I decided to enrol at TAFE in a Certificate IV in Marketing.  I found that I really enjoyed learning about Marketing so continued with my studies until I completed a Diploma of Marketing.

B. I took an interest in marketing in my final years of high school – I jumped at any opportunity to add creative elements to my work projects and also had an interest in business studies. I thought it would be worth investigating a degree in marketing to see if this would be the right fit, and luckily enough it was!

What do you love about your role?

K. Working with Bec!!!  I love working with such a great team and also really enjoy meeting new people and building rapport with clients, suppliers etc. 

B. There are a lot of aspects I enjoy about my role – for one thing we have so much variety in our day to day tasks. The two key things that stand out for me would have to be managing events – I get to work with a range of people, design promotional materials, and I enjoy the challenge of project managing an event from start to finish.  The other stand out for me is having such an amazing team to work with. The culture of the firm is great and we have such a supportive team, even the crazy busy stressful days are made enjoyable working with Kylie and our Head of Marketing, Stuart.

In your current role, what has been your biggest achievement?

K. Delivering three events in the same day.  The firm had arranged to fly a guest speaker in from interstate and to maximise his time, we arranged a breakfast seminar followed by a boardroom lunch and finishing with evening networking drinks.  It required a lot of planning behind the scenes and fortunately everything ran successfully.  At the end of the night I was tired but happy to have had such a successful day.

B. We recently ran an event where we held 6 seminars in the one day. There was a significant amount of coordinating required before, during and after the event but we had a great turn out and the day ran smoothly so seeing it all come together was highly rewarding.

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?

Bec and I have agreed on the same ‘love this’ moment.  It was when we partnered with a major bank for a day at the zoo with disadvantaged families which included a barbecue and a tour of the zoo.  We had the opportunity to speak with the families and they were so appreciative of what we thought was such a small gesture.  It really left an impression on us and we were grateful that we had the opportunity to be involved in such a worthwhile cause.

B. See Kylie’s response

Any advice for anyone aspiring to work in the marketing industry?
K. Learn the fundamentals about marketing (through study) and network and talk to as many people as you can in the industry to develop and grow.

B. Network! Try to get yourself out there as much as you can – look for work experience opportunities and don’t be afraid to meet new people, you never know what can come from a simple conversation.

To hear more about Kylie’s career view her LinkedIn profile here

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What a great insight into the world of Professional Services Marketing. Any questions for Kylie and Bec or about working in the Professional Services Industry?


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