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Lisa is a passionate Mother, blogger (the art of joy), professional fundraiser, event manager and volunteer for many causes close to her heart.

Since experiencing brain injury and breast cancer in her immediate family as an adolescent Lisa has been driven to support others by sharing her own story and through her career.

As a motivated fundraiser who has contributed to raising many millions for the cancer cause Lisa hopes to instil the values of compassion, philanthropy and kindness in her son who has just turned 5 years old.

As well as the very serious side to her life, Lisa simply loves taking and sharing beautiful pictures, cooking for and celebrating with loved ones, painting her furniture white and using social media for good.

Lisa lives in Sydney, recently turned 40 and is currently working on several national fundraising campaigns whilst volunteering and blogging about her mission to CREATE A LIFE THAT MATTERS.

Lisa Humphries, Fundraising and Marketing Consultant

Brief description of your role:
As a Fundraising and Marketing Consultant / Manager I take care of strategic plans, implementation of fundraising and marketing concepts and strategies, online fundraising and marketing including social media and websites/blogs.

So… what do you actually do?
6am most days I am woken by the best alarm clock in the world – the soft callings of “Mamma” from my little man’s bedroom. We take our mornings slowly, I purposefully created this routine as I saw so many families starting their days in chaos and I did not want this for us! We make breakfast, spend time on our daybed, watch a little TV and slowly get ready for the day. 9am is pretty much when we leave the house, for the daycare drop off and then I either head to a charity for meetings or come back to my home office for the day. My mornings are spent managing social media for my charities (paid and voluntary), implementing campaigns and strategies, writing and preparing materials, signing off artwork and campaign assets. Midday I try to remember to get up from my desk and go for a little walk down to grab a coffee or some things from the local shops. ( this does not always happen, I truly love my work and also my home office so I can get very comfortable and not leave this space for hours and hours!). My afternoons are varied and may include Skype meetings, face to face meetings and more management of online fundraising and marketing for my charities as well as taking care of work in progress across the various campaigns. 4pm is daycare collection and I spend the hours of early evening at home most nights preparing dinner, playing, organising things around the house and taking care of the night time routine of bath, books, bed! 8pm onwards is usually back to the Mac and some personal blogging, mixed with more work and emails as well as reading my favourite blogs or doing some of my volunteer work. Bed is usually around 10pm at the latest and this is when I have a chance to catch up some reading and Instagram!

How did you get to your position of being a Fundraising Consultant?
My career began in the corporate world, I dabbled in many areas of Sales and Marketing after cutting short a Uni degree due to personal circumstances and becoming a Carer for my Mother during my early 20’s. I worked my way up to managing a small business and then when my Mum died when I was 28 I had a bit of an epiphany of sorts! The corporate world lost its appeal as my world crumbled down around me, I knew that I needed to do something more meaningful. I entered the charity sector through volunteering, firstly for the cancer cause and then various other areas. My first paid role was an entry level Marketing and Events Coordinator, the perfect place to start a Fundraising career, with my background in corporate Sales and Marketing. Over the past 14 years I have worked my way up to a Consultant through loads of hard work, the area of charity events is intense and it gave me a very good grounding in Fundraising. I also gained experience across different types of Fundraising and Marketing with various charities and chose a specialty which is mass market campaigns such as Biggest Morning Tea which I managed for Cancer Council NSW. I also now specialise in social media for charities and writing Fundraising and Marketing Strategies.

Lisa Blogging

Have you always wanted to work in the Fundraising area?
My life circumstances created my passion for this work. Becoming a Carer at age 16 and then spending most of my 20s caring for my Mother turned my life around, and changed my perspective. I was a very selfish young person focused on my own needs and that had to change dramatically when my Mum became sick. Over time my passion for giving back developed and it drove me to pursue this new career and to make it a success for myself and for others.

What do you love about your role?
There is so much to love about raising funds for amazing charities! The results of funds being raised are generally very tangible, for example: being able to see less homeless young people on our streets, people living with cancer being supported, the impact that my role is having on the lives of those most in need is what I love most.

In your current role, what has been your biggest achievement?
As a consultant I am able to achieve a lot for a variety of charities, and this is something that I am very grateful for with this type of work. There are so many amazing causes out there and being able to work for more than one is such an amazing thing!

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?
So many of these to choose from! I contributed to raising more than $4 million whilst managing Biggest Morning Tea for Cancer Council NSW and this was definitely a highlight of my career, being able to grow such an iconic campaign with a few new ideas and strategies was definitely a LOVE THIS in my fundraising career. Especially since the cancer cause is so close to my heart.

What would be the least favourite aspect of your role?
There is honestly not a lot that I consider my least favourite part of this type of work. For me personally I am more a big thinker, very strategic, so the more detailed parts of running fundraising campaigns would be my least favourite if I had to choose something. For example it is very fiddly and concise work to manage a Direct Mail campaign, it takes a lot of patience and attention to detail!

Any advice for anyone aspiring to be a Fundraising Consultant?
If you are wanting to make the move from the corporate world to the charity sector I would highly recommend starting with some volunteering. There are so many worthy charities in need of volunteers, take some time to think about the type of cause that you are passionate about and make contact with some organisations that are doing work you admire. The most important thing about this type of work is that you need a genuine passion for making a difference! Consultancy takes a lot of discipline, you need to very well organised when working on different projects and for different charities at the same time.

You can just feel the passion translate off the pages – such a beautiful career profile from Lisa. Please join the conversation below with any questions or comments. You can find out more about Lisa over at her beautiful blog – the art of joy

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