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I count my lucky stars to have had the pleasure of not only working with but having had this smart, motivating and generous woman as my Manager in one of my very first corporate roles. We have since become life long friends which is only a testament to the way she mentored and continues to mentor me in both my career and as a friend.

Sabine (pronounced sub-en-a) has wealth of experience and worked on some really really cool projects. With a passion for Public Relations and a flare for the written word, Sabines’ current role as the Corporate Relationships Manager at the Animal Welfare League (AWL) marries all these skills in one. Sabine has worked at the RSPCA as the Public Relations and Media Officer and held the position as the PR and Marketing Consultant for a leading pharmacy group where she actually developed and launched a retail brand, United Discount Chemist. Previous to the AWL Sabine was the General Manager, Marketing and fundraising at Bedford, a leading disabilities provider, and her main (and massive) responsibly was managing a team of 28 people.

Sabine is also the BEST editor I know and is kicking goals in her current role achieving above and beyond expected income development budget.

Sabine Kloss, Corporate Relationships Manager, Animal Welfare League


Brief description of your role:
Expansion of exiting and development of new corporate relationship opportunities, development of strategic marketing plans and integrated partnership campaigns.

So… what do you actually do?

6.30am Wake up, check FB and try to rouse the lazy teenager whilst fending off hungry Harry and Bentley (the old man Westie and Dobermann puppy!) 7.00am Check emails for the day’s potential crisis situations and flag  priority ones while whipping up child and dogs breakfasts– (Note to self do not confuse dishes when serving!) 8.30am Leave house with my hot water with lemon for the car to take child to school. Makeup application and breakfast on the run and phone calls I hadn’t responded too yesterday! 9.15am BDU team meeting and weekly task allocation. 9.45am Meeting with SAFM to sigh off broadcast schedule and  integrated advertising campaign plan for our next major event. 11.00am Budget meeting – Round 4 (eughhhh!). 12noon Meeting with Animal Shelter Manager to discuss PR and Marketing Strategies for reduced adoption rates.12.45pm Call an existing supplier after a new sponsorship opportunity arose from my previous meeting and arrange to meet with them tomorrow to discuss my proposal. 12.58pm Thought…have I had a coffee today? 1pm Meet a group of enthusiastic school children at dog adoption kennels for photo opportunity and certificate presentation after they did a collection drive and fundraiser at school. Lots of pats for the animals as I show them around (major BONUS of the job!). 1.15pm Quick phone link-up with AWL Ambassador to discuss the running sheet and key PR messaging for the upcoming event. 1.30pm Try to con team members to do a cold roll run to our favourite Vietnamese shop on Hanson Road – Win for me today! 2.00pm By Your Side Magazine content and milestone discussion. 3.00pm Realisation I have definitely forgotten to have coffee! 3.03pm Coffee fix. 3.30pm Follow up our National sponsor for new logos and appropriate quotes for inclusion in Media Releases for upcoming event. 4.00pm Review new processes and procedures for implementation within our new Veterinary Partnership. 4.30pm Prepare preliminary brief for the Winter Appeal. 5.00pm Leave and head off to gym for quick leg session. 6.00pm Collect teenager and mentally prepare for witching hour. 7.30pm Wine in hand, sit, take a deep breath and recover from chaos and check emails with one eye on MKR. 8.00pm Sit with now calm teenager and discuss her and my day in detail. 9.00pm Bedtime for madam and my second wine needed LOL! 11.00pm School lunch requirements complete, emails answered, to do list amended with new priorities so BED! 11.45pm Just had a great idea for the Winter Appeal……

Have you always wanted to work in the Communications/PR/Marketing area?
No! I wanted to be a vet. Sudden realization that 98% in math’s 1 and 2, physics, chemistry and English was not achievable by the end of year 11, somewhat a harsh reality! I then set about focusing on what can I do realized I could write, speak and was passionate about animals and decided I would set my goals to work for the RSPCA – and I did, 5 years later.

How did you get to your position?
Won on interview. Demonstrated every aspect of the skills and enthusiasm that was required for Not-For-Profit and the diversity of my skill set allowed the expansion of the role

What do you love about your role?
I get to play with animals everyday and represent something or someone without a voice of their own.

In your current role, what has been your biggest achievement?
Doubling the income streams for appeals simply by addressing donors in the way they wish to be addressed. Changing adoption rate trends with new and innovative strategies.. Raising profile of the organization. Developing an awesome team of young up and comers.

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?
Development and implementation of very successful PR campaigns for both RSPCA and AWL a decade apart, being a part of integral change for people with disability within Bedford and developing a pharmacy brand from the ground up.

What would be the least favorite aspect of your role?
Budget time!!!

Any advice for anyone aspiring to work in the marketing field and/or work in the not-for-profit sector?  Do more voluntary work than you ever thought you could – that will open doors. It is basically networking in the truest sense.

Thank you Sabine for sharing such great advice and insight to your role. Any questions for Sabine or the Not for Profit industry?

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