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To check out a cool career – Chloe is your girl… Community Manager for Yelp – YEP… you heard… Chloe works for Yelp the online urban guide and business review site. Chloe is passionate about Adelaide and showcasing it at its finest. I don’t want to waste any time – lets dive into the wonderful world of the Community Manager at Yelp…

Chloe Reschke-Maguire – Community Manager at Yelp

Brief description of your role
Also known as “The Yelp Lady”, I am tasked with taking what Yelp does online (connecting Adelaidians to awesome local places to shop, drink and dine through consumer reviews) and making it happen in real life. Every day I build and engage our community of users and businesses through events and promotions.

So… what do you actually do?
8am – I’m not a morning person but the first hour of my day is spent waking up, watching the news, reading The City or scanning Facebook to see what’s happening in Adelaide. 9am – I make the trek from my couch to my home office (the spare bedroom) and on very lucky days I’m still in my trackies and makeup-less. 9:30am – First things first, I check up on in Adelaide, who has created a new account, new businesses that have opened that our Yelpers have started writing reviews about and I add my review of my fav new coffee shop I’d found down the road from me last week – Coffylosophy – 4 stars. 10:30am – Emails, emails, emails. Normally I have about 5 projects on the go; including an upcoming Yelp Elite Event, promo stall at a festival like RSPCA Million Paws Walk, responding to business owners requests to claim their free Yelp listing, working on a PR pitch to a local blog about “Yelp’s top 5 spots to stay fit for fun indoors in Adelaide” or drafting Yelp’s Weekly e-news. 12pm – Lunch time, coffee break and ride. Luckily I live in the city so I normally use this as a chance to ride to a new café. Today it’s a catch up over lunch at Penny University with a Yelper who review the big salads there the previous week and I said I wanted to go with here to try myself! 5 stars. 2pm – Business meeting – my favourite part of the job. I get to meet some of the most inspiring Adelaide business owners who serve up something unique to our community. 5pm – Walk, train or some kind of fitness (if I’m lucky). Otherwise it’s out to an event or new business opening. 6pm – Working from home has its blessings and curses. Normally dinner and family catch ups happen on the couch watching Game of Thrones and then it’s back to work on the laptop whilst watching something on TV.

How did you get to your position of being?
When I was at uni and working my way up from a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) degree into Marketing Coordinator and admin roles I never used to believe it when people said “it’s all about who you know in Adelaide.” Then, after having worked in the not-for-profit industry in marketing and corporate social responsibility for 4 years in Sydney I landed my next 3 jobs back in Adelaide based on (Job 1) someone who knew someone, (Job 2) someone I met at a networking function who created a job for me and (Job 3) a friend who referred me on to meet up for coffee with the National Manager of Yelp who was visiting Adelaide in 2012.

Being multi-skilled, having multiple networks and interests (that aren’t all career related), being proactive and having a passion for Adelaide all helped me land this job. But when it comes down to it, Yelp (and a lot of other businesses now days) don’t recruit via SEEK, they recruit via word of mouth and people’s networks.


Have you always wanted to work in the Marketing area?
The diversity and multi-faceted nature of the marketing industry always fascinated me.

You always have to be working from multiple angles to promote your product or service to the consumer and each consumer is different. I wasn’t good at science in school but marketing’s science of consumer behaviour enthrals me.

What do you love about your role?
Every day I meet fascinating people who risk everything to share their “passion” and skill with Adelaide in the form of a business. My job allows me to not only meet these business owners but also connect them with some of the most engaged social influencers and urban adventurers of Adelaide (Yelpers) and show off what they do through free Yelp events, with the hope these people are going to help market and spread word of mouth in real life for them.

In your current role, what has been your biggest achievement?
Hosting a 200 person Nanna Skillz Party for Yelp in Adelaide with over 15 local producers hosting cooking, crafting, home brewing and vintage styling demos. The energy and excitement from, not only Yelpers who attended on the day, but stall holders who said they got value out of a more genuine engagement with Yelpers was truly rewarding and proved to me the power of community.

Over your career, what has been your ‘love this’ moment?
Either of the 2 things above (Yelp’s Nanna Skillz Party) or any of our Yelp Elite Events.

What would be the least favourite aspect of your role?
Communities don’t work 9-5 hours so neither do you. Community Management, events or any kind of marketing means we are required to work when our consumers are not – when they are socialising, buying online, writing reviews online etc (ie. 7am to midnight).

Finding the balance is a work in progress, but luckily I love what I do!

Any advice for anyone aspiring to work in the Marketing / Online industry?
Don’t try to be a specialist. This industry thrives on people who can do multiple things at once, applying multiple skills. Consequently, don’t fear working in a few different jobs over a few years after you graduate.

As I also mentioned above, make friends with people both inside and outside your industry. Take coffee with everyone at least once. They might seem like an irrelevant connection one day or might be offering you the Community Manager of Yelp job the next!

Thank you Chloe – what an incredibly interesting role you have and love your advice… really hits the spot.

Any questions for Chloe and/or working in marketing and the online industry.


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