the STAR application

Applying for a job can be stressful, hard work and time consuming. It is one of those tasks that really needs your full attention and to really understand what the recruiter is asking and how you can best demonstrate your skills and experience.

You may be the best candidate for the role but if you don’t answer the job specification questions correctly, then you can be overseen. It is cut throat out there… scary but true.

Today I want to introduce you to a method of application writing that a good friends once introduced me too. It changed my world and the way I approach applications, Carmal’s (featured here) knowledge, experience and absolute understanding of the English language and grammar has lead me to many wonderful careers and application processes that I can now share with you.

STAR – you may have already been exposed to it as some organisations (especially government) actually request you address the selection criteria by using the STAR method.

Situation. Task. Action. Result.

You apply this to each question when looking at the selection criteria. Remember when writing it to stay to the point and be clear as it is easy to get off track and ‘mumberly’.

  1. Situation: Use an example of a situation that you have been in that has demonstrated the task either at the level or higher demonstrating a project or task that achieved high results.
  2. Task: Keep focused on the task at hand and what YOU did.
  3. Action: what action did you play in the project, highlight your actions and responsibilities (there is nothing wrong with saying you did a good job at a high level) be proud and passionate.
  4. Result: what was the result? How did this effect business or the outcome? This about how you measured the success and why you deemed it successful – tangible benefits is key.


Question: Ability to liaise with senior business people

I have extensive experience in maintaining client relationships.  (Situation) In my current role, each Retail store has different partners, managing directors and key stakeholders. (Task) It is important that I identify the various needs and expectations of each relationship. (Action) To ensure this, I am in constant communication with them to meet not only their needs but the needs for the retail store and brand. (Result) By working with a variety of people I have gained confidence and enhanced my negotiation skills as I understand the importance for effective liaison and communication.

Give it a go – it is all about the experience and practice makes perfect. Remember to use specific examples and it is best represented with tangible results (where possible).

Have you used the STAR Application Method previously? Has it worked for you?

Please, let me know if you have any questions about the STAR application process by commenting below or drop me a line at

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