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I possibly do ‘harp-on’ on about it a little too much – but first impression are SO important… And another example if how first impressions count is in the interview! 100 percent…

As you can imagine and I don’t exactly need to spell out… rolling up to an interview in your brand new boyfriend jeans and combat boots doesn’t present you with the professional edge, compared to a fitted black suit. Simple. And I know you are thinking, well, that is just common sense but I have interviewed someone for a role who rolled up wearing jeans… it happens!


First things first. Think about the role you have an interview for… take into consideration your audience. Is it a corporate role? Is it a funky wine bar? Is it at cue? In the medical profession? In my option, you need to consider this but only lightly… you still need to be yourself and not come across as try hard or un-authentic.

It is not a fashion show (is it?). Don’t feel like you need to be super stylish to win that corporate role, but you do need to be take pride and care in your appearance.

Hair & Makeup. I always feel smarter with my hair up in a bun, off my face, neat and tidy. It makes me feel professional and confident. My makeup subtle but evident, I go for natural look that lifts my features with a simple lipstick colour.

Dress. Depending on how I feel on that day (talking a corporate role), I would generally go with pains and jacket style. I feel paints are strong and powerful, however I have gone for the dress and jacket option before. I always, always, always wear a suit jacket – no matter on the weather, style or role. I have even had the interviewee comment on how impressed she was that I continued to wear a jacket on a 40 degree day. To me, it is important, professional and necessary. My shirt will always be neat, not too over powering in colour – ironed and ready to go, nothing worse then rolling up to an interview in uniron dress.

Shoes. Again, depending on the role – for anything corporate, heals are acceptable BUT not ridiculously high stilettos, definite no no. Make sure you can walk in them and look confident when you do. Kitten heels are also fine. Depending on the role and level of the role, would depend on whether I would go for flats (generally no, heels always make me feel that little bit more professional and confident). Neutral colour + slick style = impressive.

To sum it up, anything neat, tidy that suits the role will be appropriate. It is important to take the time to understand your audience and how to impress in that first 30 seconds.

The interview process can be quite daunting and you are generally nervous – so the more prepared and confident you feel within yourself the better… get that power suit happening and rock that interview! 

Any interview attire tips? Join the conversation below…

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