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perception is reality

Fist impressions count… Perception is reality – this is established in the first few minutes!

After attending a networking event last Thursday evening hosted by The Australian Marketing Institute, Emerging Marketers, I learnt all about body language, personality, confidence and communication by Media Icon, Cherylee Harris and all about your first impressions and how you present yourself on the social arena by Social Media Expert Michelle Prak.

I strongly believe that professional networking and presenting yourself in a professional manner (on and off line) is 80% of the battle I thought I would share what I took away from the presentation.

I learnt:

When you walk into a room, head down, arm folded, disengaged and not interested in meeting anyone or what is actually going on… How do you think you come across to people.

When you walk into a room, smiling, open arms, standing tall and welcoming… How do you think you come across to people?

…this also relates to your tone of voice

Gut feelings are from body language – interesting…

Non-verbal communication can (if you make an effort) create trust and credibility

Presentation (as much as we as non judgers don’t like to admit it but IS extremely present in the corporate world) is key. You attend an interview, eager and keen however – your jacket is un-ironed and you wore your ‘comfy jeans from the 80s’, is not going to cut it at an interview or networking event or when you want to make a good first impression.

Social Media – create a personal social media plan. This is a great tool for people who are finding their voice and starting out in the work place (or looking for that first real job).

To write a Social Media Plan – ask yourself this…
WHY (why are you in this space, twitter, facebook, linkedIn, Instagram) is it Networking, Profile raising, keeping up with industry movements, keeping up with friends movements)
Tone of Voice – for each medium
For example:
FACEBOOK – for ‘real’ friends
LINKEDIN – for professional networks, working relationships
TWITTER – for stirring the pot, debate 


Make sure your bio give a clear, understanding of who you are and why you are here – this will determine whether people follow you or not.
Show your face in your profile pic – leave a brand impression.
Keep in mind your audience and who you are trying to connect with and what topics do you want to participate in? #hashtages are a great way to do this.

LinkedIn – what a great FREE website to profile you, your experience, your work history and connections.
Tips – ask for recommendations. Use a headshot for your profile pic keep it professional(ish). Add in a bio – sell yourself.

Checkout my linkedIn profile here

Find your voice… leave a brand impression… benefit from venturing out – don’t be shy, connect with people, comment, network! 

All information has been absorbed from the networking event and Cherylee Harris and Michelle Prak’s advice.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any feedback on first impressions for on and off line? Please join the conversation below. 

IMAGE: Of myself presenting at the Australian Marketing Institute Emerging Marketers Mentor Program


  1. Such handy tips Claire! Body language is so important, as is the good old handshake. I don’t like it when people give me a weak hand shake, it has to be powerful or go home x

  2. Always love to hear others tips on networking Claire! I a huge networker and totally agree with your tips above. Having a game plan when you enter a room always helps as well. Excited to have found a fellow corporate chick and your blog through BE&BH.

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