busy is a drug

Everyone is time poor. Whether you are working a high profile job, a stay at home mum, a student with a full study load, hey, even a high school student. We all fit under the same umbrella of having absolutely no time and it is all relative to your own situation.

It really bugs my boat when you ask how someone is going their reaction is ‘busy’ making you feel like you need to reply with ‘yeah, me too’. Why do we do this? Why do we put being ‘busy’ on a pedestal leaving us feeling that if we are in fact not busy we are of less importance? When it is clearly NOT true.

The feeling of importance is nice and when you are on the go and have a task list as long as your arm, it can be almost fulfilling. Like you are needed. I will be honest, I like the feeling to the point that I almost crave it. Some would even argue that I manifest it.

A lot of people will vouch for the fact that I am an organised person and I like having things to do and to be prepared, on the go and in control. And when I am not, I often feel lost and unbalanced.

My declaration for 2017 is to quit BUSY.

You heard it here today. I am going to quit associating my franticness with BUSY. I am going to continue to go about my business without constantly thinking I am so busy (and now that I think of it, even worse) that I have NO time.

I constantly think about writing and White Blank Pages and brush it off with, I’m too busy. I miss it and I enjoy it.

Who knows, maybe I will get a few posts in between now and when 2017 rolls in but all in all. I’m Back Baby.

It may look a little different. Post may come a little out of nowhere but I’m going to be here, present and continuing on with this White Blank Page journey.

It is too good not to.

AND thank you for sticking around.


  1. Welcome back! And YES I totally relate to this. I am with you in quitting busy in 2017. I’m all for ease and flow and simplicity. Can’t wait to read what you have to share xx

  2. YES! Why do people say “oh I’m so busy” like it’s some sort of competition, and if you’re keeping on top of things and managing your time and putting some time perspective on your life you’re somehow viewed by these people as “clearly not doing enough work”. I’m totally going to work on boycotting the “busy” in 2017 … good on you for bringing it to light. And WELCOME BACK!

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