2014 is upon us

The end of the year is approaching and now I am sitting amongst maternity leave, it has given me the time to look into this space a little more closely and really think about what 2015 is going to bring for white blank pages and myself. I have been able to really brainstorm, get inspired by blogging catch ups and working on specific projects for 2015.

As my life is about to change dramatically introducing a new member to our family, I have decided to put all my plans out in the open to give me more motivation and encouragement throughout the year. I can refer back, check in and tick off milestones along the way.

What I will be investing in, in 2015? 

1. white blank pages. realign my blog design and features to reflect my direction. this means, free stuff, working with me, more career profiles, personal and professional advice, guest features… the list goes on. 2015 is the year for white blank pages to build build and build, bringing real useful advice to you. This is a biggy but one that I am totally invested in.

2. collaboration. working with a fellow blogger, good friend and ex-collegue, Sarah Poppy from Working Mums Collective on a pretty cool project set for early 2015 based around Personal Brand. As you know, this is something I feel strongly about and together, Sarah and I are working to put together the pieces for a successful Personal Brand and collating them in a step by step program ready to be launched early 2015. 
Also… making my way out in the world to continue to and make an invested effort to collaborate with other like minded people. Share ideas, knowledge, challenges and wins.

3. planning my wedding. for early 2016 – as we had to postpone it 12 months… it has given me more time, get extra excited and eager to marry my love.

4. family. be present, open and honest with my new role of being a mum. I endeavour to share my experiences, challenges and love of family life (I cannot wait to start this experience).

5. direction. this encompass all the above. finding balance. be open and honest with you all about the direction I plan to take. investigating in careers and filtering that advice to you. investing in health, clarity and joy.

How do I plan on doing this? 

1. vision board. we all know I love a vision board and it totally believe works. All dreams, desires and intentions displayed in pretty pictures… whats not to love.

2. goals. planning and organisation. writing out my 2015 goals as clear as clear as I can be. Displaying the goals at my desk so I can continue to keep focused and realign when I see myself drifting. If I find I am continuing to drift and the direction I once seen myself at has changed, thats ok… ill will expand and re look over my goals to reflect my new direction.

3. being honest with you. I plan to be continuing to update, engage and ask questions of you all to guide me in the areas you are interested in hearing about, because at the end of the day, you are why I am here. I endeavour to involve you all in my work and how I can improve this space to make it relevant to all. This will also keep in line, responsible and up to date.

That is my BIG 2015 coming at you… I am super excited to develop, build and grow white blank pages and have you along for the ride. I am about 3 months shy of my first blog post and can see how far it has come already…… a little ‘watch this space’ is in order I think.

What will you be investing in, in 2015? how do you see your year panning out? 

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